Referral Only Program Details

EnVision Referral Company, (ENVISION) was established for agents who were looking for a career change.  ENVISION’s objective is to provide agents who choose to no longer actively participate in the real estate market, a way to supplement their income.   In some cases agents choose to retire, while in other situations agents choose to simply follow a different career path.  In both situations it behooves agents to join ENVISION in order to leverage their investment they have made in obtaining a real estate license and developing their sphere of influence.
Under ENVISION’s program, an agent activates their license with ENVISION and becomes eligible to legally receive commissions (upon closing) for the referral of customers through our ENVISION Network.  Since this is a “Referral Only” program ENVISION agents are not actively involved in any part of the real estate business other than referrals.  ENVISION agents no longer incur many costs associated with being an active agent.  These costs include such things REALTOR® dues, MLS dues, Lock Boxes, Advertising, Mailings, etc.  Customers referred to ENVISION are assigned to agents who are selected by the ENVISION referral agent.  Upon closing, referral commissions are paid to ENVISION and the ENVISION agent receives 70% of the referral fee.

When the agent has a referral customer (buyer or seller), they submit it to the ENVISION Coordinator.  

Joining ENVISION is as easy as picking up the phone and contacting the ENVISION Coordinator at 208-871-2777.  The ENVISION Coordinator will answer any questions and explain exactly what it will take to become an active, revenue producing, Referral Agent for ENVISION.  The sooner you call, the sooner you can get started collecting referral commissions.  You probably know someone right now whom you could refer.