How Do I Obtain A 
Real Estate License?

There are several basic requirements needed in order to obtain an Idaho real estate license:

EDUCATION:  There is a mandatory education requirement you must complete in order to obtain a real estate license in Idaho - this is Provided by ENVISION and listed below.

APPLICATION:  Submit application and appropriate fees to The Idaho Real Estate Commission.  Please click HERE to view the requirements.

FOR A SALES AGENT LICENSE: Idaho requires successful completion of 90 hours of LIVE PreLicense Education for sales licensure which includes the Module 1 and Module 2 courses. 

FOR A BROKER LICENSE: Idaho requires an additional 90 hours of advanced broker education to include Real Estate Law, Brokerage Management, and two elective courses in different subject areas of at least 20 hours each. National institute level courses consisting of at least 20 hours may be accepted as satisfying one of the four broker courses if it does not duplicate the subject matter covered by any of the other courses. (See the License Manual for specifics) 

EXAMINATION: Module I and Module II Exams - Each are 75 multiple-choice questions; min. passing score = 70%. In addition to the two course exams, applicants for licensure must complete and pass the state-licensing exam.

Other required elements:

FINGERPRINTS: Idaho law requires that you be fingerprinted in order to obtain a real estate license. The Idaho Real Estate Commission needs to have the results returned from the FBI before they can accept an application.  

INSURANCE: Errors and Omission (see the License Manual for specifics) 

AGE:  Must by 18 years of age or older


FELONIES: No felony convictions

After you become a Real Estate Agent: 

All licensees will be required to take 2 Idaho Real Estate Commission Core Courses plus 12 hours of elective credit.  New salespersons will take 12 hours of prescribed post license coursework instead of the elective hours.​

EnVision Real Estate Training and Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing the best possible training necessary to prepare you for testing.  We are also committed to seeing you succeed in the marketplace through our Continuing Education classes and specialized consulting.  The door is open, walk through it!
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